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Casablanca Wedding Gowns available at Savvi Formalwear and Bridal Shop of Raleigh

Here you are viewing a small sampling of Casablanca’s bridal gown collection. Our showroom includes many more.

Casablanca is relatively new to the bridal fashion world, established in 1997 but since then has become one of the fastest growing, well known manufacturers of bridal gowns. Featuring modern couture, the attention to detail is evident from the first moment you put it on. Every gown is made to order and can be customized to your specific measurements. Additionally, gowns shown can be modified and designed with additional or alternative features to ensure you receive a one of kind gown that you’ve always dreamed of.

Gowns with unique hand beaded designs and exquisite laces are customized for every bride’s specific needs. Email or call for your appointment today 919.783.8911.

Find Your Style

What types of clothes do you prefer?

What styles do you look and feel your best in? What types of necklines do you favor?

To find the most flattering fit for your body, sum up your best features and find a dress that plays up those particular assets. You will feel most comfortable & confident in a style that flatters and matches your personality.

Commonly referred to body shapes & cooresponding dress styles that will flatter

Pear-shaped- smaller bust and larger hips.

Look for a gradual flare (envision the letter A) from your waist down, it will accentuate the narrow waist and float away from hips and thighs. Very effective fabric choices would be taffeta and satin as they do not cling. Additionally, a V neckline will enhances the look of a more slender upper body. Look for substantial fabrics such as taffeta or satin.

If you are busty- larger bust than hips

Concentrate on sweetheart or scoop necklines which will open up the face and décolletage.

(that’s the body part from the bottom of the chin to the top of the bust).

Or opt for a V neck with 1 to 1 ½” shoulder straps. If you feel more comfortable in additional coverage, a lace inset is an elegant choice. Another great way to even out your proportions is to incorporate ruching on the lower half of the gown. Avoid high sheen fabrics such as organza, silk or satin.

If you are apple-shaped-that is without spefically defined porportions

Look for a gown with texture all over such as ruching or lace. Corset backs can provide a snug fit for comfort & create interest. Opting for an A line gown with a contrasting ribbon at the waist or by incorporating a highly visible waist detail that defines the smallest point on the waistline is an excellent choice. The gown should then flow into a gradual A line shape.

If you’re tall

Simple silhouettes, in high shine fabrics reflect light and are in line with your longer proportions. Look for the deep V necklines and lower waistlines. Interesting, deep cut armholes or cowl neck backs are show stoppers. A floor- sweeping hem adds opulence and indicates that you did not miss the details.

Here are 8 Necklines you will see when shopping for your wedding gown

Asymmetrical-(not the same on both sides)- It may be asymmetrical in the front of the gown or the back of the gown. It is a great style for narrow shoulders.

Bateau/ Boatneck-generally a straight line from mid shoulder to mid shoulder. Excellent choice for pear-shapes to balance upper and lower halves of the body. Also, a more conservative style.

Halter top-single strap around the back of the neck. Works best to minimize busty proportions.

Jewel- round collar that sits at the base of the neck, as a T-shirt would. It is a good style to enhance bust.

Off- the-shoulder- just off the shoulder bone, may be up to 1” lower on the arms. This style works best with a busty, hourglass or pear-shaped views.

Portrait- a wide soft scoop which extends from the tip of one shoulder to tip of the other shoulder. A great choice to visually enlarge the chest and shoulders.

Sweetheart- this neckline gets its name from the top half of a heart. A great style to define or accentuate the bust.

V- neck- as the name implies, a neckline with a V shape. It does a good job to tone down a bustline.

Types of Trains

All train measurements are taken from your waist out.

Cathedral-longest and most formal train outside of royalty 7’ in length.

Chapel-mid size – 5’ from your waist.

Sweep-barely sweeping the ground behind your gown, most versatile for any type of ceremony.