Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridesmaid Gowns
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Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridesmaid Gowns Available at Savvi Formalwear and Bridal Shop of Raleigh

Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses are created by designer Madeline Gardner. These bridesmaid dresses are designed to span any style from formal to festive, and always complement your choice of wedding gown.

Special offers are exclusively available for complete wedding party fashion purchases. Ask how you can complete the look of everyone in your party in one place and still keep your budget in mind.

To find out how to personalize your wedding day with the most up to date styles and colors, call us at 919-783-8911.

In any industry where products are made overseas just because the prototype looks good, doesn't mean every other one will be the exact same.

When working with factories to ensure quality control and absolute consistency in products coming from China, designers whom create wedding and bridesmaid gowns at any price point must ensure that the manufacturers they chose to oversee their quality control have bilingual representatives on site during the entire pre-production through post production process to ensure that the quality fabrics specified are used, each and every time, as well as seeing to it that every other fine finishing detail is used during construction, not once but every single time over.

Additionally the manufacturer's representative must insist that sound construction techniques are followed according to guidelines, seam allowances, finishing, etc. Consumers ordering from overseas do not always get what they think they are ordering. Purchasing directly from Chinese manufacturers, whom have no stake in your satisfaction, hold no accountability. Consumers looking to save money would be well served to cut their budget in some other area as they have no recourse and no representative to speak with. Let that sink in. No one to speak to should the product they receive, as it was in 90% of the cases randomly selected here, be "not as expected".