Top Bridal Fashion Trends for Winter 2018

Here at Savvi NC, we believe every bride has her own sense of aesthetics and uniqueness – that’s why every bride deserves to find the wedding dress that represents her point of view.

But having your own point of view doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at seasonal wedding trends! On the contrary! By knowing the trends and knowing what you like and don’t like, it will be much easier for you to focus on finding a dress that is really perfect for you!

What are some of the top bridal fashion trends for Winter 2018? Read on and find out more.

·       Appliques. Lace looks amazing, and any kind of detail work on your wedding dress will make it pop with uniqueness. However, if you want to feel in tune with the cool(est) season out there, appliques are the best way to go. Try to find something that resembles the texture of snow or snowflakes (without pointing directly into that direction). It will definitely make you feel like the Queen of Winter!


·       Long sleeves. We’ve talked about these in our Fall wedding dress trends article as well – but if you were hesitant to embrace sleeves in the fall when there was still plenty of sunshine outside, you might want to reconsider that if you’re planning a winter wedding. Even if you settle on veil-like sleeves, sleeved wedding gowns will still look better and more well-coordinated with the season outside (as opposed to sleeveless dresses, which seem a little out of place given the low temperatures outside).

·       Furs. This is an evergreen trend that keeps on coming back again, and again, and again – a true classic, as you may call it. If you don’t like the idea of wearing actual fur, why not opt for faux fur? There are so many stunning options out there that you can really have the best of both worlds (being friendly to animals and wearing something that looks utterly luxurious).

·       Capes. Again, this wedding trend was mentioned during the Fall wedding trends article as well. For a winter wedding, we suggest a longer cape, made from a thicker fabric. It will definitely keep you warm while shooting all those breathtaking snowy wedding photos outdoors!


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