How to Coordinate Your Groom's Outfit with Your Wedding Gown

Ever see those pictures of couples getting married in bridal magazines? Part of the reason that they look so good is that they have stylists that help coordinate all the aspects of the groom’s outfit and accessories with the bride’s wedding gown and look.

The photos and memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime, and if you’re reading this you likely care about making everything look as visually pleasing as possible. While the spotlight’s going to be on you as the bride in most cases, your groom’s going to be right next to you once you finish your walk down the aisle. That goes for most of your wedding photos as well. Your groom may not be thinking about this, so it’s probably a good idea for you to spend at least a little time coordinating so that your outfits look good together.

Here are some things to consider when planning out your outfits:

·       Formality. Different brides want different levels of formality for their wedding. Some dream of the perfect black-tie event. Others want something more relaxed. You should decide how formal you want to go for your wedding and then coordinate your outfits accordingly. Let’s take a full black-tie formal wedding as an example. Black-tie attire means you’ll want to wear a very elegant wedding gown (take a look at the Casablanca Beloved collection for example), and your groom will want to wear a formal black tuxedo (such as this posh creation by Ike Behar, for example). Your groom will also want to wear a bow tie, vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes.  For a very relaxed wedding, if you’re wearing a flowy or non-traditional dress, your groom will want to consider a suit rather than a tuxedo.

·       Style. Although similar, formality and style are really two different things. Style is more about the personal touches and the precise design you’re looking for, whereas formality is a larger umbrella term to designate how elegant or casual the aforementioned personal touches and designs can be. For example, you might want to be a very elegant bride and dress in a romantic style (such as a Morilee wedding gown), and your groom might want to coordinate his attire in the same romantic style (such as Brunswick tux, for example).


·       Color. Most brides wear white, but grooms don’t typically wear white – so one way to coordinate is by connecting both of your outfits to the wedding color scheme. For instance, if you plan on decorating your wedding with red, you could hold a red bouquet and your groom could wear a bow-tie, a neck tie, or a pocket square in the same color. Or, if he’s daring and you both want to adopt a modern and cutting-edge style, he could wear a matching red tuxedo like this one designed by Ike Behar.

·       Accessories. This is where you and your groom can really have fun. Ties and boutonnieres (or lapel pins, if you go that route) are the most obvious chances to coordinate. These will be visible in most photographs as well, so matching a theme color or flower from your wedding décor will add a touch of cohesiveness. Your groom may also wear a waistcoat, vest, or braces. These can be used to add not only a color, but also a texture or pattern that highlights elements from your gown or wedding theme.  Finally, cuff links, watches and socks can be used to show off your groom’s personality and tie things together. You could match one of your jewelry pieces to his cufflinks. For example, going with emerald earrings? Why not get your finance matching cuff links for the Big Day?


Need more ideas? Come visit our wedding gown store and formal attire store in North Carolina and take a look at what we offer. We’ll help you make sure that your gown and your groom’s outfit go together as harmoniously as the two of you do!