Martin Thornburg – Elegance and Beauty for a Timeless Bride

Stop for a second and think – when was the first time you learned what a bride is, and how did you picture yourself as a bride?

If you were like most little girls, one of the first things you added to your imaginary bridal look was the dress.

In your imagination back then, that dress made you feel like a princess getting ready to marry her prince and live happily ever after.

Now, as you approach your actual wedding day, you should remember that little girl and take her with you when you go dress shopping. You want that part of you to help you pick your dream wedding dress – because with so many designs and designers, picking the perfect dress can be a real challenge. And whatever you do, you want to be sure that the dress you pick evokes a bit of that wonderful feeling that you had as a little girl imagining what it would be like to get married.

Martin Thornburg creates the kind of wedding gowns that do just that – evoke a magical, elegant, and timeless feeling, just like the dream bride of your childhood memories.

What else is there to know about this designer and why is it that brides fall in love with his creations?


·       Martin Thornburg is part of Mon Cheri – which means the most sophisticated and high-quality fabrics, materials, and artistry for each and every piece in the collection. Season by season, dress by dress, Martin Thornburg gowns are created to impress everyone – brides wearing the gowns and those watching them walk down the aisle.

·       The Martin Thornburg collection covers a wide range of styles – but each designs the same magical theme and romanticism. Every seam and every line in these gowns is filled with passion, love, and grace – just what you need on your wedding day!

·       From lacy, intricate designs to simple and elegant pieces (which are bound to be very trendy next year), Martin Thornburg has it all.

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