Why You Will Love the Details on a Mori Lee Wedding Gown

Here at Savvi NC, we make it all about the brides who step into our store, hoping to find the one dress that will make them feel downright stunning on one of the most amazing and unforgettable days of their lives: their wedding day.

Our sole purpose is to make brides-to-be smile as they see themselves in the mirror and picture themselves walking down the aisle towards the person who will be their partner in crime for the rest of their lives.

Mori Lee is one of the designers we proudly carry in store that never fails to make women feel this way – and truly, there are a thousand and one reasons to love this particular name in the wedding industry.

What is it about the Mori Lee wedding gowns that makes future brides fall in love at first sight? What is it about the details on a Mori Lee wedding dress that will make you fall in love as well?

Let’s start at the very beginning: the very motto behind Mori Lee is “Turning Dreams into Dresses” – and, in all honesty, it couldn’t have been said better. There’s truly nothing more suitable to describe the Mori Lee wedding gowns than to say, “they are like a dream come true.” These dresses are more than just clothes – they embrace the woman’s body in a stunning way, and further still, they embrace a bride’s emotions in a seamless, beautifully sensitive way.

Every dress designed by Mori Lee bears with it a mark of true quality – it’s one of the reasons this designer is known around the world and sought after by brides who want to feel absolutely radiant on their wedding day.

More than anything though, every wedding gown under the Mori Lee label is created with a painstaking devotion to perfection. Every single bead, every stitch of embroidery, every inch of these gowns is crafted with care, and gone over with a fine-tooth comb before heading to boutiques around the world. From their simplest gowns to their most intricate, Mori Lee dresses are thoughtfully brought together to exude opulence, luxury, and pure elegance.


We hold a variety of Mori Lee wedding gowns in our store at Savvi NC – so if you want to take a look at them (and maybe even try them on), do not hesitate to visit us. We’re here to help you find the wedding gown that suits your body and your personality for an unforgettable Big Day!