Mori Lee Off the Shoulder Wedding Gowns for the Ultra-Romantic Spring Bride


There is nothing in the world we love more at Savvi NC than knowing brides walk out of our stores feeling happier and more relaxed with regard to their upcoming nuptials. There’s nothing that makes us smile more than the joy of a bride who has just put on the wedding gown of her dreams. Our goal with every bride-to-be that walks through our doors is to help her find the perfect dress; to see the tears well up in her eyes as she sees herself wearing the one.

Mori Lee is the kind of designer that brings those feelings out in brides – and that is precisely why we are always excited to bring in her creations. An off the shoulder Mori Lee can make you feel delicate, feminine, and amazingly beautiful as you walk down the aisle, savoring every moment as you see the looks on everyone’s faces (and most importantly, seeing the look of joy and amazement on your future husband’s face as he sees you).

Savvi has brought in a few Mori Lee off the shoulder wedding dresses like this – the kind of dresses that take everyone’s breath away and make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This is the way every single bride on Earth should feel on her wedding day, and Mori Lee makes it happen.

If you want to wear something really luxurious, the dress below is what you are looking for. Its embellishments and long train are opulent and show Mori Lee’s impeccable attention to detail, while the ¾-length sleeves add a dash of grace to the entire design, making it the ideal choice for a spring bride. The deep V back makes this dress just a little daring – enough for a bride to make a fashion statement while still looking classic and timeless.  

A more demure version of the aforementioned model, the gown below features longer sleeves, an equally amazing train, and attentively brought together details that make the dress a work-of-art-to-be-worn. Wearing this gown, you are bound to feel like you have just walked out of your favorite childhood princess movie.


Want to learn more about Mori Lee’s designs (or any other designs Savvi NC brings in store)? Contact us as soon as possible and come visit us. This is the kind of decision you will always look back at and smile – because we will help you find the PERFECT dress for the PERFECT Big Day!