How to Accessorize a Detailed Wedding Gown

Your wedding gown is no ordinary dress – it will be part of you, who you are, and what your entire love story is all about. It will be one of your sweetest and warmest memories – one that you will cherish for years and years. 

You want every single detail of your dress to be perfect – and here at Savvi NC, we get that. We understand that brides want nothing less than perfection for their wedding gown. And that is exactly why we only bring in pieces designed by the world’s most renowned designers. One of our current favorites is Martin Thornburg, and we can’t wait to tell you all about their collection. 

We also understand the dress is not the only piece of the puzzle, and that brides want their bridal accessories to be just as gorgeous as their dress. But how would you accessorize an intricate, astounding wedding dress like those designed by Martin Thornburg? 

Never fear, we have some tips for you! 

·      Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not too much. With intricate dresses, a little goes a long way – so our suggestion is for you to opt for simple, dainty jewelry. Even more, it is quite recommended that you skip some of the jewelry pieces you would normally wear. For instance, if you are wearing earrings, you can skip the necklace altogether (or simply wear something ultra-fine and delicate). 

·      Keep it as simple as possible. Depending on justhowintricate your dress is, your jewelry should be simple. For instance, for the dress shown above, you could stick to one pair of very simple earrings (pearl, Swarovski, diamonds, etc). For something that’s a little more pared down in terms of design, you could coordinate your look with a pair of delicate drop earrings (to add a touch of glamor to the entire look). 

·      Remember to take the neckline into consideration. Some necklines don’t need necklaces at all. Remember, the higher the neckline, the less jewelry you should wear around your neck. Other necklines, however, need to be complemented by some sort of necklace – even if it’s something really small and refined. 


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