Why Would You Choose a Casablanca Wedding Gown for Your 2019 Wedding?

Brides that make wedding gown selection appointments have chosen to come work with us here at Savvi because of our select designers and the dream dress they know they’ll find here. The moment they find their perfect wedding gowns is magical – both for them and those who accompany them on this journey and for us. We live for these moments – celebration, excitement, relief – all these feelings rolled into one enchanting moment. This is why we always bring in collections that are truly worthy of a Savvi bride’s attention and consideration. 

Every gown we carefully curate falls in this category: they are all stunning dresses from every point of view. 2019 is the year to shine, and Casablanca gowns rise to the occasion.

Why would you choose a Casablanca wedding gown for your 2019 wedding? 


Let us tell you why we love them! 

·      Established more than twenty years ago, Casablanca Bridal is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned names in the bridal industry – and not without reason. Every single dress designed by Casablanca is made to order, to suit every bride personally. Each dress is custom made, with incredible attention to detail. Some of the more amazing features of Casablanca’s dresses include their scalloped hemlines, and the gowns designed to match their centerpiece veils. Most of all, each exquisite wedding gown by Casablanca is guaranteed to take the groom’s breath away with its beauty, elegance, and impeccable details.

·      The Casablanca Bridal collections have enormous range, so you’re guaranteed to find something perfect just for you. Regardless of whether you want a sophisticated city wedding, or a romantic, rustic wedding surrounded by nature, you can rest assured that with Casablanca, you will be able to find a gown that perfectly fits you and your wedding style. 


·      As a wedding leader, Casablanca is always on the cutting edge of wedding fashion. Each season, they create gowns that embrace the latest trends, which helps you find a dress that will be unique to you. If you are planning a 2019 wedding, Casablanca is sure to dazzle you; some of their dresses are intricate and modern, hugging your body with grace and elegance, while others are ultra-simple, made from satin, with just a delicate sash to accessorize them. No matter what 2019 wedding trends you love, you will definitely find them “living and breathing” in a dress designed by Casablanca Bridal! 


Want to learn more about Casablanca and their gowns, or any of the other amazing wedding dresses we hold in store at Savvi NC? Contact us right now and schedule an appointment – we promise you will love every second you spend with us!

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