What Are the Most Important Wedding Gown Trends for the Summer of 2019?

Every bride deserves to be uniquely beautiful on her wedding day – so you should absolutely be able to choose whatever gown you feel most comfortable in, regardless of what wedding trends say is in or out.

That doesn’t mean that trends are totally useless. Whether you want to create an authentic look for your Big Day or if you just love fashion in general, looking at the current wedding trends can be a great source of inspiration.

For instance, do you know the main wedding dress trends for the summer of 2019? Here are some of the rising stars:

·       Plunging necklines. If you are a daring bride who wants to really wow your guests as you make your steps down the aisle, this trend is perfect for you. A plunging neckline will elongate the entire silhouette, flattering ladies with any size chest, and it will add a dash of sophistication to the simplest dresses, making them true fashion statements.

·       Spaghetti straps. Although they seemed to have disappeared from the fashion scene, spaghetti straps are making a comeback – and the bridal industry shows them at their best and most beautiful. Delicate and feminine, spaghetti straps are combined with intricate and simple wedding dresses alike, creating a trend that’s bound to be embraced by so many brides this summer, especially those getting married outdoors and can’t wait to feel the sun on their skin!

·       Statement ballgowns. Ballgowns are a timeless silhouette, so they never truly went out of fashion, but this summer, designers are bringing forward wedding dress ballgowns that are completely fresh and different! An inspired take on a classic favorite, these ballgowns have power to them: they are simple and bold at the same time, making a real statement as they add drama to your big entrance.



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