Best Dress Options for Nighttime Weddings

With summer just a few months away, we’re all dreaming of warm evenings spent under the starry night – and if you plan on getting married in 2019 under the gorgeous skies of North Carolina, you definitely want to make sure your wedding dress is just perfect for the weather (and the vibes) of the season.

What are some of the best dress options (and general pieces of advice) for nighttime weddings?

We have some tips for you!

·       You can’t plan weather. We all wish we were able to do this, but sadly, it is something no human being can do. What you can do, however, is be ready for any kind of situation. So, if you think the night might get a touch chilly, make sure to bring along something to cover yourself with: a shawl, a thin cape, or even a leather or denim jacket (for those of you who want to be a little unconventional). Whatever your choice, pick it out ahead of time so you know it’ll look good with your dress.

·       The fabric of the dress matters a lot. In general, you want your lace to be as lightweight as possible (Chantilly lace is our best recommendation), and you want to pick a dress made from natural fabrics (such as silk, just like Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day). This will keep you cool during the day and it will keep you comfortable during the night (especially if you follow our first tip too).

·       Generally speaking, longer dresses are the best choice for nighttime events. It might be something ultra-elegant and luxurious (such as a mermaid or ballgown-cut wedding dress). Or, it could be something more casual (such as a boho-chic wedding dress or sheath dress). While tea-length gowns look absolutely gorgeous, they might not be suitable for a nighttime wedding – mostly because they are associated with daytime events, but also because you might get a little chilly, especially if you’re planning an early summer wedding.

·       Be bold and courageous. This is a nighttime event, so you are definitely allowed to wear a deeper neckline, or even a backless dress. A gown with a slit on one side can be really sexy and feminine too! The key lies in ensuring that your entire look is well-balanced from every point of view. Also, if you want to have a white tie or black tie wedding, you might want to keep yourself more covered, as the etiquette demands it.


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