What to do if you gain or lose weight after you order your dress

Your wedding is more than a special event in your life – it is the special event. The one that will skyrocket you into a new life. The one that needs to be perfect. The one that is surrounded by magic, emotion, and love like no other event can ever be.

Of course, you want to look flawless on your wedding day – but what if you gain or lose weight after ordering your wedding dress?

We have some tips to help you with this, so no need to panic. We are here to help!

·       Your weight loss process should not be chaotic, but well-calculated. In general, it takes burning 3500 calories to lose one pound – based on this, your caloric intake needs, and the goal weight you have in mind, you can calculate how much you will weigh by the time your wedding comes. This is not an exact science, and you have to adhere to your plan quite strictly if you want to stick in those parameters, but generally, it can help a lot.

·       Schedule your last fitting a few weeks before the wedding. Your weight cannot change drastically in just a few weeks, so your seamstress will be able to adjust your dress to a size that is quite similar to what you will be on your wedding day.

·       Buying a larger dress is a safer choice. You want to order a gown that’s a bit larger than what you would normally wear, and you want to do this for two reasons. For one, if you happen to gain weight, you will still be able to fit into the dress. And for another, sizing down during the fitting process is much easier than sizing up (which can be impossible most of the time).


·       Try to live a balanced life. Weight loss and weight gain occur when there’s a lack of balance. Eat well, drink water, sleep as much as you need, and stick to your workout routine. It will help you look your best – and feel your best too!


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