How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress


Your wedding dress is more than just a piece of clothing – it is a statement and a souvenir from the most amazing day of your life. It is a truly meaningful piece for you – one you definitely want to keep beautiful for the many years to come.

How do you preserve your wedding dress? What are some of the things you can do to make sure your wedding gown stays stunning forever?

We have some tips for you.

·       Take it to a professional cleaner after the wedding. Even if it isn’t stained (which we wouldn’t wish for any bride!), having it cleaned will help you make sure that all the micro-impurities are out, so that you can preserve your dress in a clean, pristine state. Keep in mind that you need the services of a professional wedding dress cleaner – this is a REALLY important factor because you definitely need someone who has experience in this specific niche.  

·       The best way to make sure your wedding dress is flawlessly preserved is by taking it to a professional. These people know exactly what to do: they know how to fold your dress so that it stays perfect, and how to actually preserve it. Ideally, you want to take your dress there right after the wedding, but you can wait up to six months and still be sure that your dress will be preserved in an excellent state.

·       The most common way to preserve a wedding day is by having it placed in an air-tight box. Most of the times, this box has a slightly see-through lid, so that you can still see part of the dress through it. Furthermore, specialists know exactly how to fold the gown in a way that will not damage it in any way (they will fold it with the bodice showing through the top lid, in a way that doesn’t cause creasing that might affect the gown over the years). With a good preservation specialist’s services, you can keep your dress as beautiful as ever for many decades to come!

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