What Should You Do with Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day?

Buying the perfect wedding gown is a top priority for most brides. That makes perfect sense because this is one of the most special days of your life, and it’s only expected that you want to look stunning. With many dresses taking 9 to 12 months to order, making this a top priority is completely logical.

As you pick your dress, you might have a little voice inside your head asking, “Should I be spending this much on a dress that I wear only once? What am I going to do with this dress after my wedding?” Well you can put that little voice at ease.  We have some great ideas for what you can do with your dress after your Big Day – so read on to find out more.

·       Preserve it. Proper wedding dress preservation will help you maintain your gown as beautiful as it was on Day One for years and even decades after the wedding itself.  Ideally, you want to leave this in the hands of a professional wedding dress preservationist because they know exactly how to clean the dress without ruining its intricacies, and they also know how to fold and preserve the dress in a beautiful way that will keep the gown perfect for the many years to come. Why preserve it? Your wedding gown can make for wonderful pictures with a daughter or niece down the road. Maybe one day, your daughter might even want to wear it down the aisle!  Even if she opts for her own dress, imagine the wonderful memories you could have of seeing your daughter or niece trying on your wedding dress!

·       Upcycle or repurpose it.  Check out Instagram and Pinterest, which are chock full of ideas for upcycling wedding gowns.  Some great ideas include creating beautiful and elegant throw pillows, quilts, and purses from used wedding gowns.

·       Sell it. If you want to recover some of the money you spent on the wedding dress, selling it as a gently used gown is a very good option. Not only will you have some extra cash (to use on your honeymoon if you don’t leave right after the wedding, for example), but you will also help another bride wear a stunning designer wedding dress on her own Big Day, even if her budget is a bit more restricted.

·       Donate it. This is a truly wonderful gesture – and if you want to donate your wedding gown, we totally encourage you to do this. Weddings are really amazing events in people’s lives and all brides want to look really beautiful as they walk down the aisle – so why not offer this chance to a bride who is a little less fortunate than you were? We bet it will make her feel so great!

Have you found your perfect wedding dress? If you are in North Carolina and are still searching for options, be sure to check out Savvi NC and we’ll help you find the most amazing wedding dress in the world. Make an appointment, and we promise you will not regret it!