Everything You Want to Know about the Beloved Casablanca Collection 2019

Your wedding is one of the most magical moments of your life.  If you are like most brides, you’ll want to plan out everything down to the smallest detail to make sure everything is perfect.  But one thing that’s not a minor detail is your wedding dress.  It is what everyone is going to remember you in when they think back to your wedding day and it will be captured in photographs forever.  You want your wedding dress to be more than just pretty – you want it to be spectacular.

Here at Savvi NC, we’re all about spectacular. We want to provide brides with more than just a pretty dress for their Big Day.  We strive to find truly exceptional gowns that will make you look amazing, no matter your budget or body type. That’s why we only carry collections worthy of the spectacular title – and Beloved Casablanca definitely falls into this category.

What are some of the most important things to know about Beloved’s 2019 collection?

·       Although the youngest member in the grand Casablanca family, Beloved quickly rose to fame – partly due to their careful attention to detail (characteristic of everything under the Casablanca brand name), and partly due to the uniqueness, refinement, and sophistication of every single dress that comes out under their label.

·       Beloved Casablanca strikes the perfect balance between lovely elegance, originality, comfort, and functionality, as many of the features of these gowns are customizable. Moreover, Beloved focuses on making dresses that truly embrace a woman’s body in a way that makes her feel splendid on her Big Day – because that’s nothing less than what every bride deserves for this special moment in her life.

·       The new collection released by Beloved Casablanca has reached new heights of beauty and sophistication. Some of these dresses are inspired by Meghan Markle’s statement simplicity, featuring soft lines, quality fabrics, and minimalist design.

·       Other 2019 Beloved Casablanca dresses are romantic, sweet, and feminine, featuring lacy embroidery, suave see-through fabrics, and lines that are perfect for fairytale weddings.

·       No matter what type of bride you are and what type of wedding you may want, you can rest assured that these dresses will win your heart!

Want to learn more about Beloved Casablanca or any of the stunning designs we have in store at Savvi NC? Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and come see what we offer - we promise you will be amazed at the selection and service.

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