What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Every bride-to-be dreams about the moment she will walk down the aisle, all eyes on her – but most importantly, the eyes of her betrothed – the one she has chosen to share the rest of her life with.

Everything will contribute to making this moment truly unforgettable – the music in the background, the venue, the bouquet you carry in your hands, the dresses you have chosen for your bridesmaids, and so on.

But if there’s one element that reigns over everything else, it’s the wedding dress you will wear.

What are the top considerations to make when picking the perfect wedding dress?

·       Your wedding style. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wedding style – you are totally free to choose whatever style you feel most comfortable with. However, once you have set your heart on a style, you’ve picked a location and level of formality, be sure your dress will fit the scene. For example, if you want to have a casual, boho-chic themed wedding, you might want to avoid a gown that is too over the top (e.g., something with a cathedral length train). Instead, you might want to settle on something with a slightly lower-key elegance, but still made with fabrics of the highest quality.  Something with a design that will fit the airy, romantic vibes of your Big Day.

·       Your body type. Every woman is beautiful – and we bet you will look glorious on your wedding day regardless of what you choose to wear. However, if you want to look your very best, consider trying out gowns that embraces your body type the best. For instance, A-line gowns can be a great choice for brides with a pear-shaped body type, but if you are tall and very slim, you might want to look for something that’s a touch tighter around your body – such as a sheath dress or a mermaid style.

·       Your gut feeling. This might sound vague, but it’s actually pretty important that you trust your gut when it comes to choosing your perfect dress. When you put on “the one”, you’ll know it – it may not be backed by science, research, or anything palpable, but you’ll feel it deep in your heart. Your perfect wedding gown will speak to you the same way poetry, music, or art do – by transcending the barriers of language and aiming straight for your soul. Be sure to listen to your inner voice and not let it get drowned out by others telling you what they think is the best dress for you.  It’s your dress, so you should have the final say on picking it!


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