These Will Be the Wedding Dress Trends Next Year!

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For some of you, it may seem a little early to think of a wedding dressif you plan on getting married in 2020 – but if you consider the search, the order time, and the alterations, you will soon realize that allowing yourself a little extra time is a good thing. 

What are some of the forecasted trends for 2020? 

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more. 

·      Renaissance romance. If you love the ornate and high-end fashion of the Renaissance, this is your moment. In 2020, a lot of wedding dresses will be inspired by that marvelous era in fashion: bouffant and flared sleeves, off the shoulder dresses – they’re all going to be on trend over the next year, allowing you to adopt an over the top look torn from a Renaissance painting. 

·      Old school Hollywood romance. The glamor, the glitz, the beauty of Golden Age of Hollywood! This period in time will always be in style. If you want to steal inspiration from some of the biggest stars from the silver screen, opt for gowns that come in ultra-luxurious fabrics (such as satin) with clean, feminine lines. Pair them with a cape or a fur coat (for chilly weather), these dress styles will make you feel a star on your big day. 

·      Crochet lace romance. Are you a boho chic bride? If you love the romantic touches of crochet lace, you too are in luck in 2020, many designers will be releasing superb crochet lace wedding gowns.  One of the best things about this trend is that it’s all over the dress, in most cases, offering you the feminity of crochet lace from head to toe.

·      Modern suit romance.  If you are a modern bride that loves the look of a pantsuit then this is your year! This is going to be a pretty big trend in 2019 as well, but next year, we’re about to see it reinterpreted in a sweet and feminine way: on the runway we have seen many of these suits come with a cape, which elevates the look making it feel more interesting and romantic. Such a statement piece for your bridal look! 


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