How to SHINE as a Bride on Your Big Day


If you are a bride to be, you want your wedding day to be fabulous – but maybe even more than anything, you want to feel like your best self, stylish, romantic and beautiful. 

How do you achieve that feeling? What steps do you need to take to shine as a bride on your wedding day? 

·      Take care of your hair. Nourish your hair with products that are suitable for its type. A good conditioner or hair masks can do wonders for your hair! Try to stay away from heating elements for at least one month before the wedding – this means saying noto hair curlers, hair straighteners, and, if possible, hair dryers as well. 

·      Moisturize your skin. Great, radiant bridal skin starts with a good moisturizer. No matter what skin type you may have, you should always moisturize. Find something suitable for your particular type of skin and for your needs, and don’t be afraid to invest in products in the higher range – they can truly make a huge difference. 

·      Drink water. You might hear this advice repeatedly, but there is a reason.  Water can truly change everything. Not only is it healthy for your body, but it will keep your skin and your hair hydrated, helping you achieve the flawlessly radiant wedding look you are aiming for. 

·      Choose the right color to compliment you. You may want to wear a white wedding dress, but the specific shade of white you choose can make a huge difference. Pick something that goes with your complexion (warm, cold, or mixed), and wear it with confidence. If white isn’t your cup of tea, then pick something that makes you feel radiant when you try it on.  There are some amazing color options out there.  Whether you would like to stay more neutral with a Champagne or Muscato color or soften things up with a lovely blush there are a lot of options to choose from.  

·      Accessorize appropriately. The accessories you choose to wear on your big day should be carefully thought out.  A pair of dainty earrings can illuminate the face, a statement necklace can make you feel more glamorous, and a trendy bangle bracelet can add style and grace to your overall wedding look – but they need to be well-coordinated with the style of your wedding dress. The accessories you choose should complement your dress and style, not overwhelm it.  When in doubt, edit, less is more. 


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