Bridal Necklace Ideas that Will Inspire You!


We think that you deserve to look fabulous on your wedding day. It’s one of the driving factors that inspires us to continuously bring in beautiful collections of wedding dresses.  We want every bride that walks into our store have a large and curated variety of options to choose from. 

Aside from your wedding dress, we know that you will want to add the right type of accessories to suit not just the gown itself, but your personality and personal style too. 


If you decide to wear a sweetheart or rounded neckline wedding dress, we recommend that you settle on a statement necklace. Statement doesn’t mean chunky anymore. An unusually shaped necklace made with diamond can pull off the same effect. If you want a unique twist on a classic element, how about choosing to wear a simple pearl necklace made from irregular pearls? They look raw and natural and are a true statement piece.   

If you prefer a more delicate necklace, they are a fantastic choice. If you want something that will not draw attention to your neckline but will grace it in an elegant and feminine way, look for something daintier. Sometimes less is more. 


What metals are more popular with wedding necklaces this year? 

Well, gold will always be popular – regardless of whether it’s yellow, white or rose. We are big fans of rose gold – it’s delicate and feminine and it continues to stay on trend.  If gold is just not your thing, we suggest, platinum or silver.  


When it comes to your final wedding look, you make your own rules. Our most important suggestion is to maintain balance, edit, and remember to match the warmth or coolness of your wedding dress to the warmth or coolness of your accessories. 

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