How to Incorporate Fall Elements in Your Wedding Look

Your wedding look is very important for you. But don’t worry, your concern is completely normal – you don’t get married every day, so you want to be absolutely radiant on your Big Day. Even more, you want to be in perfect balance with everything surrounding you – and the season outside is definitely one element to consider.

What if you want a fall wedding? How can you incorporate fall elements in your bridal look? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Choose a beautiful wedding dress suitable for fall. It could be a long-sleeved wedding dress, for example (they are extremely trendy right now!). Or it could be a wedding dress and a cape. There are so many gorgeous options for fall brides that it’s literally impossible not to find something that suits you and your personal style!

·       Incorporate fall colors. Purple, yellow, red, orange, browns – these are some of the most widespread fall colors. While you might not want to wear a burgundy wedding dress (but you totally can if that’s what you want), you might want to incorporate such colors in your accessories. For example, you could wear a pair of shoes with painted leaves, or a bridal pouch based on typical fall motifs. These are sweet, simple, and playful ways to bring a touch of the season into your wedding look.


·       Include fall foliage. For instance, you could create a fall bridal bouquet based on moody colors (purple, dark burgundy, and so on). Or how about a stunning bridal flower crown based on red and green foliage? That’s not just unique: it screams fall from miles away! The same could be done with a bridal bouquet based on greenery too: just a few pieces of red foliage can be a total game changer!

·       Consider the dress’ details. Embroidery and lace that incorporate leaves are quite common – so why not search for a dress that subtly incorporates your favorite season? This is a really beautiful, timeless, and elegant way to welcome fall into your wedding look.


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Long-Sleeved Wedding Gowns? Yes, Of Course!

For a long while there, it felt that sleeveless wedding gowns were everywhere – and North Carolina made no exception. Everyone wore them – to such an extent that the world seemed to forget that long-sleeved wedding dresses are, well, just as amazing.

Why would you wear a long-sleeved wedding dress, and how to pull it off to perfection? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       For starters, a long-sleeved wedding dress is absolutely perfect for the cool season! Depending on when exactly you want to get married, you might not even need any other type of coverage (e.g. you can easily wear a long-sleeved wedding dress in September and October, especially if you pay attention to the fabric of the sleeves).

·       Furthermore, as mentioned in one of our previous articles as well, long-sleeved wedding dresses are actually a huge trend right now – so if you’re a fashion conscious bride, you will definitely love the idea of wearing long sleeves on the Big Day.

Long Sleeve 1 - Cassablanca Style 2232L.jpg

·       Even if you don’t take trends into consideration, long-sleeved wedding gowns have a certain kind of elegance, a sophistication, and a true femininity in them you won’t find in other types of dresses. They are timeless, beautiful, and they can look stunning on a multitude of body types.

·       The great news is that with the long –sleeved wedding gown trend catching up, you now have a very wide range of options to choose from. Classic 3/4 lace sleeves, off the shoulder sleeves, bell sleeves, loose sleeves, and even detachable sleeves (somewhat a continuation of the off the shoulder sleeve trend) – they’re all out there, available in a multitude of fabrics, cuts, lengths, and incorporated in a splendid variety of wedding gown designs.

·       Remember, if you decide to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress, make sure to coordinate the style (and the amount) of jewelry you match with it. For instance, you might want to skip wearing a bracelet with a long lace sleeve, as this could appear like “too much”. However, if you are wearing very tight, satin sleeves with no embroidery and no detail work on them, you can actually add a stylish bangle into the mix and wear it on top of the sleeve – it will make such a huge fashion statement!


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Stunning Ideas for a Fall Bridal Look

With August behind us, we’re all getting ready to meet and greet the new wedding season: fall. Of course, for many brides and grooms out there, summer and spring are top choices for the Big Day, but fall is seeing increasing popularity as well. In North Carolina, October is the second busiest wedding month of the year, after June.

So don’t hesitate to plan the perfect fall wedding if you’re in love with this season.

You have all the reasons to do it: the mild temperatures, the amazing colors of nature, the generous abundance of fruit and vegetables – they’re all perfect for a wedding.

How do you create the perfect look as a fall bride, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Long sleeves. Sleeved wedding gowns have grown in popularity so much – and they will continue to be really appreciated throughout 2019 as well! Since summer is a bit too hot for long sleeves, fall is the perfect season for you to wear such a dress. And oh, how many options you have! From bell sleeves to lacy 3/4 sleeves, there’s something for every bridal style out there. You will LOVE the idea!  

·       Capes. Planning a wedding that’s elegant and unique? Wearing a cape can be an amazing idea. Since this is also a pretty huge wedding trend right now, you are bound to find a multitude of options to choose from for your Big Day: long capes, short capes, lace, thick fabrics, veil, and so on. There’s something for every single bride out there!

·       Red lips. What could be more classic or more beautiful than red lips? This true mark of elegance can be gorgeously incorporated in a fall bride’s look, so don’t hesitate to do it. The key lies in finding the perfect shade of red to suit your complexion and in making sure the rest of the makeup is toned down and neutral. This way, you will create the perfect balance!

·       Red foliage. In love with flower crowns? Why not create one from green and red foliage, then? It’s the perfect accessory for a fall wedding and it will make you feel so, so beautiful and unique!

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Have You Ever Considered Changing Your Hairstyle for the Wedding Reception?

As the bride, you want to look nothing less than stunning as you walk down the aisle, as you dance your first dance, and all throughout the Big Day, until you bid your guests farewell.

Obviously, your wedding dress matters A LOT when it comes to the way you feel and how you look on your wedding day. But the way you accessorize the dress, the makeup and the hair matter a lot too.

So, if you can change your dress for the wedding reception, why wouldn’t you change one of the complementary elements of it too – such as your hairstyle, for example?

How to do it? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Let your hair down. Did you wear your hair in a bun for the wedding ceremony? The simplest way to change your hairstyle for the big party is to simply let it down. It takes about five minutes to pull out the bobby pins holding the bun, to re-arrange the hair a bit and maybe add one or two cute accessories that go with your reception wedding dress. That’s it – you’re ready to party!

·       Let the braid down. Not sure about leaving your hair completely down for the reception? How about wearing it in one (or more) braid(s) pulled up during the wedding ceremony and leaving the braid down for the reception? This casual, carefree style is bound to suit any bride, and it works with a variety of wedding gown necklines too – so you will definitely love it!

·       Just change the accessories. If you wore really elegant bridal hair accessories for the ceremony, why not switch it up a bit for the wedding reception and change your hairstyle just a little, by using different accessories? Switching from pearl accessories to flowers or a flower crown can change your entire look, just enough to complement your reception appearance!

·       Pull it up. You can always wear your hair down in gorgeous angelic curls for the ceremony and then rapidly pull it up in a slightly messy bun for the wedding reception. Doing this will give you plenty of freedom to move around (and dance, of course).

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Three Reasons to Choose the National Bridal Sale Event at Savvi for your Bridal Shopping Needs

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